Subscription Pricing

Select a plan for your current needs. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.
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40 minutes/day
Up to 8 viewers
2 scheduled meetings
Computer audio
No control sharing
8 hours/day
Up to 30 viewers
Unlimited meetings
Dial-in audio
Control sharing
Unlimited sharing
Up to 150 viewers
Unlimited meetings
Dial-in audio
Control sharing
Account management
Embeddable viewer
Centralized billing
Screen recording
All plans include: installation-free viewing, SSL encryption, and presenter swap.
Daily time limit
The amount of time you are allowed to screen share per day. The time resets at midnight local time.
Daily time limit
The amount of time you are allowed to screen share per day. The time resets at midnight local time.
Unlimited sharing
Share as much as you want every day with no time limit restrictions.
Max viewers
The maximum number of viewers that are allowed to view your screen share at the same time.
No control sharing
Sharing of controls with your viewers is not included with the free account.
Control Sharing
Share control of your screen with your viewers so you can collaborate with them in real-time.
Computer audio conferencing
Computer audio conferencing using your computer's microphone and speakers is available on all accounts.
Dial-in audio conferencing
In addition to computer audio conferencing, we also offer unlimited, hi-definition dial-in audio conferencing so you can speak with users who aren't at their computers.
No encryption
Your screen share is not encrypted during transmission, so it is not recommended if you are sharing sensitive data.
SSL encryption
Strong TLS 1.2 256-bit AES encryption of your screen share ensures that your sensitive information stays private.
Limited meeting scheduling
Only 2 upcoming meetings can be scheduled in advance.
Unlimited meeting scheduling
Unlimited scheduling of meetings in advance.
Public broadcasts
Allow your viewers to see your screen by going to a personal URL page (
Private broadcasts
Restrict who can view your broadcasts by requiring viewers to enter an access code. You can also lock a screen share to prevent new users from joining.
Screen Recording
Premium Account users can record their screen shares for later download, viewing, and sharing.
Customize your screen shares and broadcast messages so they work better for you.

Add your logo and color scheme to the page your viewers see when you are sharing your screen and increase their retention of your brand. Available on the Premium and Max accounts.
Embeddable viewer
Allow you to integrate the viewer page into your website so that your users can view your screen share without leaving your website. Integrate by simply pasting a snippet of code into your website.
Account management
Add users, remove users, and reassign paid seats with one click.
Centralized billing
Get one bill for everyone in your company.
Volume discounts
Automatically earn additional discounts as you add more users.
Activity reports
Track the screen shares that your users make for auditing and reporting purposes.

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